Feb. 14, 2016

Joes US Daily History Lesson

Joes US Daily History Lesson

Today we look at Joe’s US Daily History Lesson. You can find it at http://joesdailyushistorylesson.com/ Great Stuff Keep Doing This: This content is solid. I like the way it includes a variety of topics from landmarks to business to sports.

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Today we look at Joe's US Daily History Lesson. You can find it at http://joesdailyushistorylesson.com/

Great Stuff Keep Doing This:

This content is solid. I like the way it includes a variety of topics from landmarks to business to sports. It is almost like bits of history you may not know.

I like the brevity of the show. Easily digested.

Some Easy Things To Work On

Vocals of “New York, New York” are bit distracting from the story. When you use music, it should be instrumental if you plan to talk over it. Otherwise, words fight each other for attention.

There is no call-to-action. If you hope to create engagement, give listeners something to do. Create discussion in the episode. Offer listeners links or other.

Proofread the transcript. Many errors.

Provide an intro to frame the show.

There is a distracting clicking/knocking noise between stories that is distracting.

You chose your topic to create pride in America and point out injustices. This really doesn’t come out from providing only facts during the show. Maybe offer interpretation or opinion. Frame the goal in the intro.

The Audio is 96 kbps stereo which is less than CD quality and I found an above normal amount of hiss. It sounds like you are too far from the microphone and then later boosting the volume in post.

FYI the music? It’s illegal

Your show had the wrong name and was 100% impossible to find (this was fixed before recording)

You might thinking about adding Akiszmet to your plugin as right now you have not way to batter spam

You are missing the about page (maybe add a bit about you). Also there is no contact button.

Why is there a March button on the site?

No iTunes or other links.

Potentially use bigger buttons on your slider

Get the Meta and Categories off the website. They only lead to confusion and invite people to hack you.

Even if you’re not using Blubrry for hosting, you can use the PowerPress plugin to put a better player with subscribe options.

Definitely look into Blubrry or Podtrac to get a player so people can click and have an ongoing stream of episodes.

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