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Love your show!

What a great show and concept in general. I appreciate the thorough analysis of shows and the obvious expertise that is at play. I would love to hear a review on our podcast, “That’s Strange”. (Conspiracies, Controversies and Everything Strange) Thank you!

What a fantastic asset to podcast owners and producers!

Dave always contributes insightful and appropriate feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of each show they review - and I learn so much from listening! Fantastic way to develop a more critical ear to production values, to hosting, to content, etc. Absolutely invaluable!

Brits in the Wood

Great work! Would love you to review our podcast. You're providing a great service. Go you! 🚀

A Must Listen for Podcasters

Podcast Review Show is a must listen for any podcaster. Got a podcast? Then submit it to PRS for review and push your podcast to the next level.

My First Lesson

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast for the first time. I like the way Dave actually gives an in depth review of the podcast - which clearly is the point. This is a great service that should be valued and as a result it makes for a great listen. Hopefully I can get my podcast “The Law Entrepreneur” reviewed sometime in the future.

This is an AWESOME show for Podcasting Continous Improvement

David and Erik, I'm working on releasing a couple of new podcasts. Jim Collison suggested that this show might be of some help. I listened today and he was right. This is so awesome. I can't believe I haven't found it before. Please keep doing these guys are really sharing best practice and the whole industry could use this.

No one is better qualified to review a podcast!

Insightful, thought-provoking and entertaining -- Dave Jackson (The Podfather) gives his honest, educated opinion regarding production and content. He provides constructive criticism so that podcasters can level up their shows. Looking forward to more episodes... Kathy Kelly

Go For Rainbow Podcast...

Is going to review Podcast Review Show on a future episode. So meta.


My podcast was reviewed by Dave Jackson after I had only done a few episodes. Dave is very good about pointing out not only the good things, but also the areas that could use improvement. He is one of my best sources for advice because of his knowledge and experience. In addition to that, I acquired some new subscribers just by having my podcast reviewed - people who would have otherwise probably not heard of me. Thanks Dave!