I want to thank you for the great feedback you provide us – both positive and constructive! You gave us a lot of great ideas on how to improve our show, which will ultimately make it a better experience for our guests and listeners. We also appreciate taking the time to answer all of our questions. Thanks again for a great session - your feedback approach and format was very well done! Rob Fonte www.leadershipjamsession.com

Many thanks to Dave and Erik for the considerate feedback and kind words regarding our show tonight.
After two years of doing this, we are so close to the show/content/website/etc. that feedback from professionals like yourselves is just what we needed. We plan on implementing many of the changes suggested. They were highly constructive and right on the mark. Some of which we thought but were not sure how our listeners would react, and others we did not even realize. The experience was eye-opening and we're both grateful for your time.
Again, thank you and Erik.
David and Juliette
The Unwritable Rant

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