April 21, 2014

Who Do We Blame for This?

Who Do We Blame for This?


In today’s episode we find ourselves with no show to review (A slight scheduling snafu) so we talk about what to expect if you get your show reviewed.

Erik K. Johnson

Been on the radio for over 25 years

He’s been coaching radio hosts for 20 years

He hears podcasters making the same mistakes that Erik made when he first got into radio.

Dave Jackson

Been podcasting since 2005

Been in the Internet since the late 90′s

Check your website from top to bottom

Check your audio / video for levels, tagging.

Why are You Podcasting and Who is Your target Audience

One of the great things that the live format allows is we can understand the reasoning behind what you’re doing.

We love to help you identify your goals, and your audience.

Identify What You Do Right

Our goal is not to just beat you down, but to identify what you’re doing right (so you can do more of that).

We will point out those items that need tweaked. In some cases you think your content is coming across one way, and we heart it in a completely different light. They key to this is we provide constructive criticism.

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You can find Erik at www.podcasttalentcoach.com

You can find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com

Want to Get Reviewed?

We typically record these via Google Hangout On Air (with a live audience). As a fallback, we will use Skype if Hangouts is having a bad day.

We record at 8:30 EST on Thursday (so you will need to be available). If you’re not, let us know when you’re available (before ordering) and we’ll see if we can get our schedules to line up.


Get Your Show Reviewed

Get your podcast audit and get your show reviewed today. 

Get Your Podcast Reviewed

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