Aug. 17, 2020

Where are They Now? Adam Kinakin From Tactical Breakdown

Where are They Now? Adam Kinakin From Tactical Breakdown

Today Dave and Erik touch base with Adam from Tactical Breakdown to see how his podcast is doing since the last time we reviewed his show.

Adam niched down to his audience, and really focused on his target audience and realized not everyone is his audience.

Adam has delegated the production work to a company that allows him to focus more on the courses and live events.

He started and launched an online training program, and now does his podcast full time.

Adam had questions about creating an Amazon Flash Briefing (and we explain there is a difference between an Amazon Skill, and an Amazon Flash Briefing).

Adam also has people in his audience and industry to have Adam consult on running their event, and help with their podcast.

Adam updated his intro based on our suggestions and fixed the audio issues he had in the past.

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