Jan. 1, 2019

What Cops Watch

What Cops Watch

The Stuff We Liked

  • Great inside look at being a cop
  • Great stories – would have loved even more
  • Great introductions
  • Good quick transitions
  • Great music
  • Erik liked the “game” of guessing how much the movie made (once)
  • I didn't even look at my phone until we were two hours in

The Items that Need to be Polished

  • While you explained that some of the cops were authors, Dave thought the inclusion of content that leaned toward “Film school” was the weakest content. If you cut ut out the show would be amazing
  • Use their names more often so we can keep track. The one person had a very identifiable accent, but the others didn't
  • Be aware you are exporting at a very high bit rate that is slower to download, takes up more room on your audience's devices and doesn't really deliver much better quality than 128 kbps.
  • As the movie was old, Erik would've been a bit more description of what was happening in the scene.

The Website

  • Whatcopswatch.com is a wall of text, no play buttons or subscribe buttons when you go to whatcopswatch.com
  • The site has improved since the last review
  • You do a good job of including every single thing in the show notes.
  • The black background can cause eye-strain after a while

Check out What Cops Watch


Here is their description in Apple Podcasts: “Hollywood continues to tell tales on the Silver and smaller HD screens. What do they get “right” and – what could they use a panel of experts on when it comes to process and law enforcement? Go Behind the Badge and get educated with the real-life law-enforcement industry hosts, guests and entertainment experts of WhatCopsWatch.Com to understand more about what you see in Hollywood.”



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