March 21, 2016

VR Workforce Studio

VR Workforce Studio

Today Dave and Eric take a look at the VR Workforce Studio.

Here are the things we feel are working:

Like the highlight intro and creative intro. It got our attention, had a certain “what’s coming next” with the changing voices.

Nice job getting guests to tell stories.

Very descriptive in Rick’s intro, and we knew what to expect.

“Tell us about the view from the passenger seat” great question

Great pace, and you keep things moving.

Here are some things we feel could be improved:

You introduced George's story, got me teased in and then went to the other guest.

Music in middle of George’s answer was a little distracting.

Music between George and Mary sounded like we were going into another story

Your headline, “George Dennehy and his rise to stardom as a guitarist and singer” has no mention that he has no arms

Dave felt a little lost going to Mary's story and then back to George.

At time some radio cliche's snuck in.

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