Nov. 14, 2016

This is Rammy

This is Rammy

This week we look at This is Rammy a podcast that  is here to keep you informed and entertained about news and events in and around Ramsbottom, that’s the one line description right there. Lee is a super nice guy.

Here Is What We Liked

Good audio, and the website is nice and clean.

We loved the hyper local focus. Lee could become THE source for local news.

Lee shared some short stories about what was going on with this life. We both felt like he was talking directly to us.

He put the personal stuff at the end for the die-hard fans.

He did a good job of “Shouting out” his audience

The events section is a great resouece

Things He Could Tweak

He was a little stiff (announcer-ish) at the beginning.

We both thought he should invest in some stickers to promote the show.

It's a touch call because he doesn't need to state the obvious, but there may be people listening that need those details.

We both would've appreciated a way to help the person who had the fire

Maybe give a little more details on the owner of the restaurant (again, hard to balance)

Promote your website address a bit more to help drive people to your website.

Maybe give bonus content to the email list.

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