Sept. 13, 2017

The Unwritable Rant

The Unwritable Rant

Today we are joined by Dave the Producer and Juliette Miranda of the Unwritable Rant podcast. A great podcast featuring bourbon and great stories.

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What The Podcast Did Well

Juliette did a phenomenal job describing the bourbon, and the stories were great. The nicknames you had for your characters and the way you described them really showed off your writing chops. The theater of the mind was in full effect and had both of us laughing out loud. It was like we were in a scene of a movie as you revealed all the action (especially in the second story).

The audio quality is great, and you had nice pacing of the story.

The web design had a very minimalist approach making it easy to find things.

What Needed a bit of Tweaking

Both Erik and Dave were a bit confused as the intro didn't really explain what the show was about and at first, we thought the show was about bourbon. Juliette slid into her first story so smoothly, and neither one of us picked up on the fact that she was starting her story.

The website is a little confusing as you have two websites that bounce back and forth between the two. You might be losing some “Google Juice” by embedding a page with all your shows. Instead, why not write some notes as a blog post and put the podcast player on the post. It might bring more traffic to your site.

The call to action mentioned other stations, but if the goal of the podcast is to promote Juliette's books, it didn't do that very well. You might want to step back and consider what is the goal of the podcast and focus your call to action on that. You can do things like have all your subscription buttons on one page, and all the ways to contact you on one page (and then promote the site)

Your delivery was a bit like a casual reading of an author at a store. It was still being read but sounded very practiced. You sounded very close to being “off the top of your head.” If you're going to read, then announce it, and if you're not then maybe not practice so much so that it sounds more like a play performance than a friend telling a story.

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