July 19, 2018

The Rogue Ones

The Rogue Ones

Today we are joined by Leslie Eiler Thompson who is the host of The Rogue Ones podcast.


Conversations with extraordinary individuals on their own unique “rogue” journeys. We explore the experiences and opportunities afforded these rogues as they share successes and failures they've encountered along the way. We then, in turn, learn ways to adopt this rogue attitude for ourselves. These are the rogue ones, and these are their stories.

What Is Working

One of the best intros ever. Leslie is awesome at talking to one person and sounding sincerely friendly. You can hear your smile

I love the definition of what makes something rogue, and what the show is about, “We explore extraordinary people doing fascinating things. And we learn from them so we may adopt the same attitudes to develop a rogue lifestyle.”

You did a great job of incorporating the listening into the conversation as if they were sitting at the table with you.

Great website, great about page, and nice use of the logo/glasses

Nice tease at the end of the show for future episodes

What Needs Some Work

There were sometimes when you had some great opportunities for stories, and you didn't follow up with a question (Billy Joel, “I learned a lot of lessons…”). “I spent a lot of time asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission.” Give me an example. “Tell me about the time you really pushed the limit or broke the rules to get a result.”

With such great content, I would've left off the travel down memory lane about a pseudonym.

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