Sept. 1, 2014

The Real Wealth Show

The Real Wealth Show

Kathy Fettke produces the Real Wealth Show to help people looking to invest in real estate by sharing tips and interviewing experts. Today Dave and Erik take a look at her show. Dave on Content Good intro - quick and good intro/tease Good job interrupting the guest to explain 100+ words in show notes Nice call to action that is inline with your goals Erik  on Content Good, focused questions - You know your listener Nice job interrupting the guest for clarification Good examples of the numbers Nice job with international elements You know a lot … lead the guest Guest audio was a little louder than host How do you get more people in the tribe? Explain Call to action not bad … only 2 Dave  and Erik on Website and Technology Nice website. I've heard great things about the Avada theme Nice clean look to it. Easy navigation to contact you. Potentially explain the different between the network and the academy. Need a real hosting company ( or  - get a free month using the code sopfree) Feedburner - not my favorite choice, but the link to iTunes is pointing toward feedburner. Only ten episodes in feed. General Reading settings and adjust that to 25 or 50 so people can consume your back catalog. Check into Levelator or Auphonic to level audio Get Your Show Reviewed Take advantage of our 30+ years of content and podcast creation. buy

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