Aug. 18, 2021

The Colon Health Podcast

The Colon Health Podcast

Today Dave and Erik review The Colon Health Podcast. Their description in Apple is, "Interviews with the world's leading professionals and experts in gastroenterology, research, nutritional science, medical technology, and more. If it impacts your colon health, we cover it here on the Colon Health Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Dac Teoli."

Their website is

What We Liked About The Show

The intro is solid and gives you what you need.

The phrase, "We have three big problems" really caught my attention (it's a great setup).

I learned some stuff I could use at a dinner party.

The host has great pipes.

I love the “to be fair” and showing of both sides of the data.

Really positioned the other Dr. Dale as the Expert.

The website made it easy to find the podcast.

Some Things You Might Try Moving Forward

Add more about the benefit to the listener.

You give lots of stats/data early in the episode. Numbers are hard to follow in audio. You can put the stats in the show description and direct people to the website.

Erik thought you could sound friendlier, and Dave thought spelling the website and name was a little odd.

You introduce the guest, and then we don't hear from him for a LONG TIME. Then you just dump the show into his lap, and he talks for a LONG TIME. It had the feel like you were doing a presentation instead of a conversation.

At the end of the show, give the listener a benefit to taking action.

If possible (realizing Doctors may not be that tech-savvy) get them off the phone. It was good that you sounded good and were on a microphone

You have some "group Speak." Phrases such as, "Our listeners out there”, etc. “To you, our listener.” Who else would it be?

There isn't much about the host in the episode.

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