July 30, 2014

The Coffee Couch

The Coffee Couch

Today we take a peak at Dan Hansen's Coffee Couch a dedicated to "Creating Positive Social Change through Connectedness and Persistence". IN this episode Dan explains what inspired him to get into podcasting and what his show is about. Here are some of the notes from the show: Things That Are Going Well Seems well planned and to the point. Nice quote & story Easily digestible piece & short form Good job of putting book links in the show notes Nice clean look at the website. Things That Need Tweaked The three points were a little confusing. Maybe making it more obvious when one ended and the next began. The show setup seemed like buzzwords instead of really telling me what is coming.   Maybe just a touch more energy The website needs an about page about the podcast & you . Be sure to put subscription links There is no album artwork in the ID3 tags. see mp3tag software Find the Coffee Couch at: Danhansen.com

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