Jan. 13, 2014

Seishindo Life Tools

Seishindo Life Tools


Aside from the confusing name, this podcast starts off hot out of the gate and sucks you in with usable step by step advice on being a better person and handling life’s little problems.

What They Are Doing Right

They have GREAT titles for their episodes.

They have good audio quality, and they get right to the point

They are honest, and provide strategies and tools to deal with situations.

Charlie does not hold back on telling relevant stories about himself (key word relevant).

Technically their file was in good shape.

The podcast clocked in at 32 minutes. They came in, hit the topic and quit.

They have the latest podcast one click away for new visitors.


There was one spot where Tony repeated exacly what Charlie had said. You might want to do this while recording so you both are on the same page, but I would cut it from the published podcast. Diane found the double confirmation a bit annoying.

Fade the music in at the end under the talking.

Add a subscribe button under the one episode on the front page (strike while the iron is hot).

Get a better email address that you don’t have to spell

Explain up front what the heck Seishindo means.

You went over nine steps in the podcast, and then listed none of them on your site. Your post had less than 90 words. If you want more Google juice bump that up to 300.

I’m a but confused why they have a membership, but didn’t mention it on the podcast.


This was a podcast that had us both listening intently, and both want to hear another episode. Great stories and skills to put to good use.


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