June 24, 2013

Secretly Timid

Secretly Timid


My first impression of this podcast was confusion. Secretly Timid? What does this mean? What will this be about? When I went to their website, they add lots of pictures and videos to each video posts. I searched for an “About” page, and couldn’t find one. The only thing I could find was a page that talked about the background of all the hosts. When I went to their iTunes listing there was almost no description except that it was an irreverent weekly podcast based out of Texas.

If you are looking for more insights, you might check out some of their reviews in iTunes. The reviewer stated the four hosts have a great dynamics and are hilarious. It sets they all bring something to the table and they have strong beliefs and they stand behind them.

The episode I listened to had the hosts discussing the Mad Men television show. They also talk about getting stuck in traffic. They share a story about ordering broccoli and having the people who served the broccoli. The “teaser” for the show is a reference to people licking another person’s anus. They also discuss what they got their Mother’s for Mother’s day.

Things They Are Doing Correctly

Their ID3 tags are correct and their recording levels are good.

They seem to have planned out their episode and they know what they are going to talk about.

I liked some of the dialog. Unlike a “Rush Limbaugh” who is a one trick pony, you seemed to want to weigh both sides of a discussion and be willing to look at all the sides of a story.

They mark their episodes as explicit and they are.

Things I Would Work On

As a new listener, I have no idea who you are. Consequently, I don’t care that you were stuck in traffic. What you might want to try is hitting your “Hot Topics” first and draw your audience in. Then (Now that we kind of have been introduced to you a little and have a slight understanding of you) do the “here’s what happened to me this week.”

Quit using Podpress. Podpress is a very outdated plugin for WordPress that left thousands of people with broken websites in the past. Read/hear about why podcast is bad.

The audio of your voicemail was really bad, and you need to have a way to boost the volume of the call so its as loud as you.

You might look into putting links to the music you spotlight at amazon.com and iTunes using affiliate links. This might help put some gas in your tank.

You mention your podcast on facebook, but there is no link to your facebook page.

You can remove the link to the zune directory on your website as it doesn’t exist anymore.

I would change the titles of yoru episodes and move the “episode ___”  to the end (or remove it – nobody cares what episode it is). Put that information in your ID3 tag (which you already are).

The link to your itunes uses itpc format. That’s HORRIBLE as anyone who subscribes does not get credit for being subscribed (so you don’t get credit). See this video.

It May Not Be There Fault

Classifying this podcast as comedy thinks it going to get me to laugh. It didn’t. The problem is, I’m not sure what I would classify this as. For whatever reason, this just didn’t move me.

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