June 14, 2014

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast


Dave and Erik talk with Rem from the Sci-Fi Movie podcast. This is a podcast for someone who is looking to Dig deeper into sci-fi movies.

Here is What They Are Doing Right

In this episode they talked about Aliens the sequel to the movie Alien. They do a good job of comparing all the movies in this series.

Great story about seeing the movie in the theater and the feelings it created

They did a good of referring to each other by name (good for first time listeners).

They get their audience involved with show via facebook.

Their website is clean and easy to use.

Good sounding audio.

Really interesting trivia

Really nice pace at the beginning/opening of the show

Things They Might Want to Tweak

Keep in mind Dave is no a sci-fi fan…

There is cool trivia, and then there is nit picking. Dave does not care who would win in a fight between Han Solo and Superman.

This episode included a segment where they acted out the movie (this has been retired).

You might think of adding a generic amazon button in addition to the specific buttons

While you do a good job of keeping the show moving, there are a LOT of segments (the episode about Aliens was actually longer than the movie).

No clear contact page.

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