July 27, 2016

Punched Up

Punched Up
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Punched up is a podcast by Michael Malone and this is not your typical comedian interview show. Mark takes the stories that are only heard in the “Green room” backstage at comedy clubs and brings them to life in a well produced format similar to a style you might hear at NPR.

The Good Things

This show is so well edited, and produced.

We liked the quick into and how he got right into the story

The website has a simple/clean design, and the occasional colors make things stand out.

There are lots of opportunities to subscribe on every episode.

Things That Could Use a Tweaking

In the event someone downloads your episode (which Mark had turned off) you are missing the ID3 tag for the image.

Eric thought the music at times should be used more as a transition, not to be used to set the mood (there are times when that works, and other times when it becomes distracting).

Be more specific with your call to action. If you want tweets, give your Twitter handle, make it easy to subscribe.

Mark is using Feedburner, which was a good idea in 2006. It does occasionally stall, and its not needed (it causes some issues every now and then).

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