Feb. 4, 2013

One Extraordinary Marriage

One Extraordinary Marriage


I met Tony at the New Media Expo and he seemed like such an awesome guy. I was telling my wife about their story and podcast (it’s amazing). You can find them at oneextraordinarymarriage.com where you can find their podcast, and their books 7 Days of Sex Challenge: How to Rock Your Sex Life and Your Marriage and Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage or Happy, Healthy & Hot!: A 30-Day Blueprint to Take Back Your Health and Enjoy a Sexy Body No Matter How Busy You Are .

Their website is clean and simple to navigate. At first I couldn’t find their iTunes button (they have a smaller one listed at the bottom of each episode). Their podcast is BRUTALLY HONEST (they discuss BJs in this episode). They do talk about sex in an open and honest – very honest – fashion. For Diane and I it got us talking, and thinking. The episode we listen to was about showering with your spouse.

We both liked this episode, but we weren’t really sure that once they got the main topic out there that we needed the last 15 minutes of the podcast. The bottom line is the answer to “Would you listen to another episode of this podcast?” the answer is YES. This show started off with them sharing what was going on in their life. They had just the right amount of this. Some podcasters share too much here, and take forever to get to their main topic.

If you are married, this podcast is definitely worth listening to. When I spoke with Tony at the New Media Expo, he wants to eventually be syndicated on the radio.

One thing they need to do is add an RSS button to their website. They have links to iTunes and stitcher, but nothing for those who want to add their podcast to their phones (or other devices) manually.

You can find their podcast at oneextraordinarymarriage.com or click the play button to listen to them now or subscribe to them in iTunes


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