Aug. 1, 2013

Niche Down with the Nursing Times

Niche Down with the Nursing Times


Today we welcome “the hammer” back to the show after taking some time away for a medical leave. In honor of her return we have review the nursing times podcast out the of the UK. This is a great example of a “niche” podcast that is all about being a nurse in the UK.

Things they Do Right

They a seem to have the pulse of the UK nurse, they are putting some effort into their podcast. There are insights from the “front lines” of nursing in the UK that will have a smaller audience, but those that find it will LOVE IT. My wife is a nurse, and she loved it as it took her back to the days of nursing school.

Things They Can Improve

You have no album artwork in iTunes. This is a HUGE “no no” as you are blowing your first impression in the place that owns about 60% of the marketing.

There are no show notes on your website or anything mentioning your podcast. How are you going to get more listeners if nobody can find it?

Don’t hold your contact information hostage “we’ll tell you how at the end of the show.” Make it EASY to contact you.

Proving You Can Do Anything You Want – It’s YOUR Podcast

In the middle of the podcast they bust out a song.

I would normally put a player here so you could hear their podcast, but there isn’t one listed on their website.

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