Jan. 23, 2013

Mommy's Cocktail Hour

Mommy's Cocktail Hour


Today “the hammer” is back to comment on Mommy’s Cocktail Hour. I had heard about this podcast as it was up for a podcast award. It features four Mom’s who share a cocktail recipe and talk about the challenges of being a mom of young children. For us the highlight of the podcast was the kids, as they are adorable. They seemed to have an outline of topics to cover, but in the end there wasn’t much content that really enticed us (Saving money whne buying a purse is good content, it just didn’t strike a chord with me). This is another case that we are probably not their demographic (being that “the Hammer’s” oldest child just got married).

Sound quality was OK. It is hard to get four people on a call without introducing a fair amount of his. When you are recording children it gets even worse. Their album art was fine, but they need a description in iTunes (there isn’t any).

The content had us hitting the speed up button to get us through it. Tips on purse shopping and fountain drinks didn’t hold our attention. We did like the fact that they kept everything positive and it wasn’t a giant gripe session. One can easily see that if you were a young Mom with small children the tips on buying toys would’ve been very valuable (maybe when we get Grand kids it will ring more true).

An hour is a long time to fill for me, and this podcast didn’t move fast enough for us. On the other hand they have a large Facebook following, so what do we know…

You can find them at Mommyscocktailhour.com

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