May 19, 2014

Ministry Encouragement Podcast

Ministry Encouragement Podcast


The Ministry Encouragement podcast is to help encourage Christ Followers. It is hosted by Jim Hollis. Here is what we thought.

The intro was nice. You might consider explaining a bit more what the podcast will be about.

You need a pop filter

You seemed a bit stiff (it almost sounded like you were reading the contents)

When you talk about personal stories it is more engaging. The story about witnessing on a plane really grabbed our attention. That was great. You could take it one step further and use descriptive words to really pain that picture in the theater of the mind.

Come up with a call to action, and don’t be afraid to mention your service.

Use bullet points for your show notes, and just talk into the microphone as if you are talking to a friend.

Your website is clean. It needs an “about” page.


What are you thoughts about the Ministry Encouragement Podcast?Â

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