Jan. 11, 2016

Mind Drippings

Mind Drippings

Doug Salamone aims to bring interesting stories and interviews with points of view from a different mindset on his Mind Drippings show. The world needs innovative, artistic, entrepreneurial disruption to develop and evolve.

Today Eric and Dave go over his episode, his audio, and his website. Here is what we found:

What is Working

The intro was nicely produced and made a great first impression. It sets the stage and let's people know what to expect.

He made some really good points, and worked in some stories to help make points

The website has a clean interface

The podcast feels like a discussion rather than a question/answer session.

Great logo

What Could Be Tweaked

Doug could work on starting out the show by introducing his guest and really explaining who the person is, what they bring to the table, and why they are on the show. Then the first question could push the conversation in the direction Doug is looking to go.

At time his transitions from topic to topic was a bit choppy. There is no reason to announce that you are changing topics (just change topics).

There are no ID3 tags in his mp3 file. While the mp3 file will still download the file, you can look like a hack when  someone listens in certain programs.

You image is set to a resolution that can't be viewed by web browsers. Change the image to 90 DPI, and I would resize it (it's currently thousands of pixles).

The paragraphs above the subscribe buttons didn't quite fit.

There were two “About” pages, it might make more sense to combine these with the top section being about the show, and a second paragraph about the host.

Great discussion of the history of work and the possible future. It might've been nicer to have more useful info that listeners can put to work today

Dave felt that the show could've used a bit more editing to get rid of what he felt was “excessive” ums.

If the goal of the show is to build your email list, you might want to add incentives to get people to sign up.

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