May 20, 2020

Leadership Jam Session


Rob Fonte is the host of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, where every other week you'll get to hear leaders at all levels of management share their practical solutions to the management challenges you face every day. On this podcast, Rob shares leadership experiences with listeners by bringing in leaders from all different levels to “Jam” on a variety of leadership topics. Some of the best insights are captured from just listening and learning from each other as they share their experiences. More importantly, we learn to see things through the lens of a different perspective and how to move forward with a different approach. With that concept in mind, the Leadership Jam Session podcast was born. Be sure to stay up to date at

What We Liked About it

  • Great short introductions and you got right to the content
  • The intro identifies who the show is for and what to expect.
  • Great stories and insights from your guests
  • Great transitions from speaker to speaker and getting everyone involved
  • I liked the occasional summary of what your guests said.
  • You had a great space for guests to be vulnerable and share insights.

What Might Need Some Polish

  • Do a quick recap of the question when getting others involved.
  • “almost out of time” is a holdover from the radio.
  • Always talk to one person and avoid group speak
  • Work more of who you are and why people should listen.
  • Maybe work the guest's name in more so we know who is talking.
  • Direct people to the website for calls to action.
  • Add a Google Podcasts to the website and update Captivate to show subscribe buttons
  • Position yourself as the expert and do a summary of “what did we learn” to inject YOU into the content.
  • Determine who your true target audience member is and design the content with them in mind.

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