March 30, 2015

Inside the Jewelry Trade

Inside the Jewelry Trade

The Poddcast: Inside the Jewelry Trade (iTunes) (stitcher)

This is a podcast designer for Jewlers on how to get more business. Its always kind of hard to get into the shoes of the listener (Jewlers) when you are not the target audience.


The intro was well produced, decent energy.

Nice use of humor and not taking yourself too seriously

Lots of time put into the show, very NPR type delivery.

Enjoyed the “changing watch batteries” stories.

Show has an amazing arc. (Why they are excited, what they like most, personal stories, forcasting, recap).

With all the clips, the volume never needed adjusted, and it flowed.

Simple call to action at the end

By asking for a donation, it adds personality to your podcast.

Thing that Might Need Tweaked

The intro promises a lot in the intro, that might lead to confusion

Give a tease as to what is coming on the show at the very beginning.

Not sure why Michelle was missing through most of the episode.

A trick for those doing clip shows. Let the setup and the clip over lap. It makes things keep flowing.

There was a time when it sounded a little “salesy” (which it is, a clip to get people to go to the show).

Website / Technical Thoughts:

Lost the ITJT at the beginning of your podcast posts. Put that at the end of the headline.

Lots of white space, very mobile friendly. Easy navigation

Easy to find contact information

The Audio quality was fine. This is great for the advanced style of production.

Tweaking Point For Website:

Confused by the Formula one cars.

Not sure what Four Grainer means (may be jewelry term)

Surprised there was very few pictures of Jewelry

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