Dec. 13, 2013

Hilbilly Nerd Talk

Hilbilly Nerd Talk
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Today we listen to Hillbilly Nerd Talk. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a pretty cool podcast that bring you news that you won’t hear in major news outlets. They are coming from the Appalachian mountains and they have southern accents but that’s where the hillbillyness (is that a word) ends.

Please note I originally say they forgot to tag their MP# file but they didn’t (it just didn’t show up when I played it in Windows media).

What You Are Doing Right

  1. I can hear the smile on your voice
  2. You’re delivering good content that I found interesting. Content I could tell my friends “I heard it on a podcast.”
  3. Your audio sounds good (some volume issues at the beginning, but you were mixed well).
  4. For the most part, you hit a topic, made your point and moved on.
  5. When you were done with the podcast, you ended it.
  6. You are talking about things you have passion about.

Easy Things They Can Fix

  1. The music is too low on your intro. Anyone who turns it up will get blasted when you talk
  2. Change the titles of your show. If you want to put the number of the show on the website, do it in the show notes (they will show up in a search). Your headline is precious, precious real estate.
  3. You can drive traffic to your website when you talk about things like videos, but put a link to the video in your show notes. The show notes for episode 11 have a bunch of code in the middle.
  4. I would move your player up towards the top in your sidebar as you theme doesn’t put a player on the front page. Anyone who wanted to listen to your show has to scroll.
  5. Get Michael Hyatt’s Book Platform and add an “About” page that explains what to expect from your podcast, how people will benefit, and who you are.
  6. I would move the “Chit chat” part of your show to the end.
  7. I’m not sure what to change it to, but after listening to your show we need to update the website.

Would I listen to another episode? Yes.


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