April 7, 2014

Engaging Life and Leadership

Engaging Life and Leadership


The Engaging Life and Leadership podcast is  Discussing relevant answers for Christian men AND women in leadership positions.  Easy to remember – Simple to apply. It is hosted by Darren Dake and Anita Brooks. You can find their website at www.engaginglifeandleadership.com

This episode features the first appearance from Erik K. Johnson of Podcast Talent Coach

Things They Are Doing Well

Darren and Anita have extensive backgrounds and they backup any points they make with stories and examples.

They have good audio quality, and a warm and friendly tone.

Overall, content is solid.  Great examples of putting each suggestion to use.

The show had a strong topic (prosperity mindset) focus weaved through the entire show

They do a good job of contributing to the show without stepping all over each other.

You do a good job of explaining what to expect at the beginning of the show.

Their website is easy to navigate, and I didn’t have to search for a play button.

Things They Could Tweak

When I first visited their site the contact page was having issues

They are using Audacity to add the ID3 tags to their audio. As they are on a Mac, I recommend using ID3 Editor from pa-software.comÂ

You are currently using Feedburner.com for your feed. I would move away. Currently your album artwork does not display in Stitcher

You tag line on your artwork is very hard to read when it comes up in search results in iTunes

You were sending people to another site to locate your books. I would put a direct link to your books on the site.

 Both hosts sound very well versed in the subject matter.   However, we never learn their story.  Why should I trust what they are saying?  Incorporate your backstory into the content.

The introduction is long and not quite focused.  It includes everything from church leaders to business owners.  Who is our target here?

Move the Patreon segment further into the podcast.

There were lots of lists that became confusing.  I think there were 4.  Be sure to recap the lists when you finish them.

They seemed to use  “we’ve talked about that before†quite often.  Even the first paragraph of the show notes say “As we’ve discussed on previous programs…† This is not welcoming for new listeners.  A new listener might feel like they missed something.

The end of show could use a bit of a tune up. You had a recap. You had news. You had calls to actions (pural on purpose). These were all valid information, but could be organized just a bit more. Try to determine what is THE thing you want to ask your audience to do. If you give them too many choices, they won’t choose any of the options available.

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