Jan. 16, 2022

Dream Believe Never Give Up - Reviewed

Dream Believe Never Give Up - Reviewed

Today we are looking at the Dream Believe with George DeMartino Podcast. The description of the show is:

98% of people live their lives and don't achieve their dreams or goals. They’re not really living - just following a routine. I’m George DeMartino and I hope to inspire you to take the path less beaten through my stories and the stories of others that are just as unorthodox. So step into the arena. Subscribe and listen now to the Dream Believe podcast We hope we can inspire you to take your first step

George's website is https://dreambelievepodcast.com/

What We Liked About the Podcast

George has tremendous energy and tons of experiences and stories. He has an enthusiasm to help cheer you on to greater things.

Very conversational filled with great stories.

George has that New York flavor, and his personality shines through.

You have an obvious passion for your subject.

He had some great questions and you built a nice story arch.

You had a great question at the end that brought everything full circle

The website loaded fast

What He Might Want to Polish

His intro was missing a bit of setup to let us know where we are going.

His first questions need a little pacing (one question at a time

Be aware of the curse of knowledge. You may know things about the guest that the audience doesn't. You need to make sure to bring the audience up to speed. What is Hydroflax?

Your editor could remove some of the stammers, which results in you and your guest sounding more confident in what you're saying. There is also a slight buzz in your audio at times.

Work on your call to action at the end of the show.

If you want to monetize, you should start working on an email list with tools like Mailerlite, or Convertkit

The website had lots of different topics from different parts of your life. It was confusing.

Give each episode its own blog post with show notes and a player to attract Google.

Clean navigation at the top of the page would help your website.

Maybe use the blurb on your website as the intro to the show.

At the end of the interview put your stamp on it and summarize and inject yourself into the show.

Check out George's show at https://dreambelievepodcast.com/


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