Nov. 10, 2019

Champions Mojo

Champions Mojo

DESCRIPTION: Hosted by two World Record Holders, Kelly Palace and Maria Parker bring you conversations with champions. They interview the most elite Swimmers and Coaches in the sport on Odd-Numbered shows and Even numbered shows they discuss topics around Motivation, Mindset, Health & Wellness.

What We Liked About it

  • Shares with you what it takes to be a champion” – nice listener benefit
  • Nice proof of qualifications at the beginning
  • Did you have specific techniques you used…?” Solid question
  • Good follow up questions.
  • Great recap with stories
  • Great chemistries
  • Great line about spending TONS of time for a 2-minute race.

What Could Use Some Polish

  • “This is a question we ask all of our guests…”
  • Signing off for myself and my champion co-host” Give your name again
  • You guest was an um machine to the point it may impact her first impression
  • CTA was subscribe and visit the website. Give me why.
  • You mention “the object is to win the practice.”
  • Your name isn't obvious its a swimming show
  • You like to announce your transitions

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