May 5, 2014

Catholic Travel Journal

Catholic Travel Journal
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Today Dave and Erik review theCatholic Travel Podcast. This podcast is “The weekly audio journal about our pilgrimage preparations. We publish a new show every Monday.â€

The Good Stuff

Good job of keeping things flowing, and sticking with theme (St pats).

Good audio.

Nice album artwork

The way the hosts engaged with the guest. Nice follow-up questions.
The personal, conversational style felt like we were talking at the kitchen table
Great use of vivid words with the dinner and backyard descriptions

Things That Could Be Tweaked

Define the show for the audience right in the intro every episode. Set it up. Why am I here?
Control your guest. He sometimes talked a long time. Ask questions to get him to focus.
Use more vivid descriptions and great follow-up questions. Ask what your audience is asking in their heads.

Depending on your choice, non cathloics are a bit lost (but then again, I’m not your audience).
Don’t send people to pages with nothing. Would you keep a question in your podcast if you asked a yes or no question and they answered “no� same things for websites.

Overall, I got confused if you went on the trips or just read about it. I felt the intro could have included an explanation of the show

Watch the Show here, or listen to the show below



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