March 24, 2020

Bullying, Life, and Stuff

Bullying, Life, and Stuff
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Rhonda Orr is the president and founder of Rhonda's STOP BULLYING Foundation. On this podcast, she expands on the newspaper advice columns she writes with Dr. Cheri L. McDonald, “Dear Rhonda & Dr. Cheri..” Rhonda speaks directly to you, with real-world, actionable advice

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What We Liked About The Show

  • The audio quality was great and Rhonda has an authentic passion for this topic and it comes through.
  • The opening got right to the point
  • Nice clip to open the show that really hit home
  • The website has a nice clean look and easy to navigate.
  • Good job of boosting the theater of the mind
  • Good call to action at the end of the show

What Needed Some Tweaking

  • Some confusions with wording coming from a column to a podcast “She/Her”
  • The intro was a bit long and you might want to focus in who is the show for, and what the goal of the show is for. Then right an intro to really pull in the listeners and use the parts of your background that fit the goal of the show (credentials that don't fit aren't needed).
  • Dr. Cheri got a lot of attention for someone who is not on the show, and is barely on the website. Also do we care that she is from West Lake Villiage?
  • If the goal is to get more speaking gigs, add some pictures of you in that setting to the website. You might also consider mentioning it to the audience. Example: “I was speaking to some high school kids….”
  • The 12 seconds of music at the end could be faded out at the end.
  • This opening really isn't focused on anyone. “from business management to fear”, but we are talking about bullying. Who are we really trying to reach?

Additional Comments

As Rhonda is transitioning to a new podcast and website, when the podcast isn't tied to the structure of the column this will free you up to speak more from the heart, and loosen up a bit (not that you were stiff). We look forward to hearing Bully Buster when it becomes available.

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