Feb. 14, 2021

Book Marketing Mentors

Book Marketing Mentors:  Jam-packed with smart, easy and simple ideas, this weekly podcast features experts who share proven techniques to add power and zest to supercharge your book marketing plan. Hosted by Susan Friedmann, CSP, international bestselling author, and founder of Aviva Publishing, this new and exciting podcast aims to rev up your marketing efforts with fewer struggles, and more success. Start listening today and discover how to get noticed in a crowded marketplace.

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What We Liked About the Show

Dave enjoyed the Emotion Wheel and felt it was something he would look deeper into that topic when the show was over.

Your voice over guy did a nice single call to action.

Solid interview style. Very comfortable.

The questions set him up to give a ton of useful info.

I like the big “subscribe” button on the home page.

The intro tells us exactly who the show is for and what it is about.

I like the category section - easy to binge listen

What We Thought Could Be Improved

I would prefer you tell me why YOU are excited to have this person on instead of reading his bio.

The show doesn't mention authors, and it would help to tie any strategies back to authors.

Dave felt you repeating what the guest just said was not helpful.

Remove Google Play from your website and add Google Podcasts and Spotify. (maybe make a subscribe page with directions)

While there is an "About" for the podcast, We need a paragraph to answer, “Why should I listen to Susan?”

The call to action would come across better if it came from you.

The WordPress theme you are on is from a company that went out of business. Check out Second Line Themes.

The answers were very technical. Get the guest to tell some stories. Engage. Examples.

Lots of “schedule appointment” buttons. You ask “Need help with book marketing?” Is that the real pain? or is it “get noticed” “sell more books” “become a best seller”?

“Contact” is just “schedule an appointment” again. Maybe e-mail or phone.

Check Out Book Marketing Mentors

Website: https://www.bookmarketingmentors.com/



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