Jan. 20, 2020

Beyond Westworld

Beyond Westworld

Beyond Westworld Introduction


Award-winning podcast duo Aaron Peterson & Troy Heinritz live without limits as they bring you into analysis mode on the very first podcast for HBO's Westworld. You may question the nature of your reality as the “hosts” dig deep into each character's journey through the maze to find the door. Break the code with a sectioned off part of the park for theories and deep dives into not just the show, but all the website, Instagram, and other ancillary items they can find. What are your drives? If you answered Westworld, then subscribe today!




  • Troy and Aaron put in a lot of work into each episode via research.
  • Their audio quality is good and their intro gets right to the content quickly
  • Their show notes included some GIF mini-movies that really grabbed your attention along with a quick history of Westworld
  • There were passionate discussions of topics that were DEEP into the topics of die-hard fans.
  • There is good chemistry between the hosts.


  • Some of the tangents went a bit long and really stopped the momentum of the show (or were just inside jokes that the audience didn't get).
  • Some of the information that is delivered in each weekly seemed rushed and at times, hard to understand.
  • There were many calls to action at the end.
  • You could use each other's names a bit more to help the audience keep track.
  • Without doing a “and now its time to” type of segment remind the audience of the purposes of each segment (beyond “going deeper”).
  • Your banding is a little clunky. This will be remedied when you switch to a new website but there is mention of Golden Spiral, as well as your website, which then has a header at the top with a different name.


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