July 19, 2019

Beer With an Engineer

Beer With an Engineer
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Being an engineer is challenging, but can be such a rewarding career. Every Friday, Mel & Dom will be sharing a beer with an engineer who will tell you all about their career and provide thoughts and advice for future engineers. If you are concerned or interested about the current and future life as an engineer, then this Podcast is for you.

What We Liked:

Overall it's a good conversation. The open is nice & clear “On a mission to shine a light and share a beer with our incredible heroes that are today’s engineers.”

The beer sound effects are a nice touch without being too cheesy.

Some really good questions. What was the highlight of your career?”

I love the quotes in the show notes.

Nice touch with a video on the “about” page.

The website looked good on the phone.

Nice “be our guest” page on website.

Suggestions For Improvement:

Possible add a little more “I’d like to hear what’s in it for me.” into your introduction

The guest had a great background and we would've loved to hear more stories.

Maybe use “Why did you get into engineering” as a first question instead of “tell us about yourself.”

Some of the custom fonts might be a little hard to read.

Check Out Beer With an Engineer

www.beerwithanengineer.com or coming soon the engineeringheroes.com

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