July 21, 2015

La Mansión del Inglés

For Spanish speakers learning English. Level B1 and above. | Improve your English with our podcasts. From level B1.

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This podcast helps Spanish people grow their grammar, vocalize their vocabulary & perfect their pronunciation. You can find it at www.inglespodcast.com, iTunes,andStitcher.

Here are the things Craig is Doing Well:

Like the way you introduce both hosts
Like the way you set up the show and what is to come
I like the incorporation of listener audio
Start with positives then work to mistakes. Nobody like to be critiqued. Make it friendly.
Great use of links to previous episodes
Like the music transitions
I like the Spanish words next to the English words in the show notes

Here are some things that Craig Might Consider:

Reinforce the main topic through the episode
A few different calls-to-action with no valuable benefit. E-mail us, sign up and donate. Make me care.
Can't find a link to purchase.
Make supporting you easier (use a PrettyLink).
Tie the Wind Up into the topic of the show, or just set it up better.
Make purchasing your products easier (not so many clicking and searching)
Explain your Patreon account – Make me care first, then explain
Maybe sell transcriptions instead of a donation


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