Dec. 30, 2013

Photo Biz Exposed - The Ultimate Portrait and Wedding Photography Business Podcast

Photo Biz Exposed - The Ultimate Portrait and Wedding Photography Business Podcast


Today we review the Photo Business Exposed Podcast (at by  Andrew Hellmich. This is a podcast for people who are doing photography professionally and are looking to grow their business. The podcast has received a ton of 5 star reviews in iTunes and I was worried about reviewing it (as I appeared on an episode). Luckily, I didn’t find much room for improvement. Here is the break down.

Could Improve?

At the beginning of the show there is a bit of hiss. Not a ton, and under most circumstances you wouldn’t even know it. It sound like Andrew is using a noise gate which takes the noise down to zero when nobody is talking. For me this typically draws my attention to it. Once the interview started, it seemed to go away.

I like the small bit of chit cat at the beginning (I typically want all chit chat to tie in with the podcast topic, but this was brief). He then went into subscribing to the podcast using other tool like iTunes, stitcher, etc. I would move this toward the end. It was 6 minutes before he got to the interview, and you hadn’t given them any “real” information to make them go, “Wow I want more of this in the future.” This would be something to do at the end.

While he has links to iTunes and Stitcher, he needs a regular RSS button (for those on android, or other platforms that the ultimate flexibility – and this is what I use to put a player on this website). I forgot to mention this on the podcast.

What He Did Correct?

Good name – its obvious.

Great looking website using the Avana theme that was east to navigate, and lots of great pictures. I liked that when you go to listen to the podcast, the subscribe buttons are more obvious.

Great audio levels, and proper ID3 tags.

It wasn’t a giant commercial for his membership site, and he gave a full interview to his audience. He didn’t stop mid interview and go “If you want the rest, you need to join.” Instead we got a full interview and if you want to go deeper into the topics, you can sign up for $10 at his membership site.

He asked good questions, and let his guest reveal great information. He listened and didn’t try to inject his opinion. I felt like he was asking the questions his audience would want him to ask. The guest spelled things out in a clear to understand, easy to act on, manner.

He is building an email list. As there is a business behind this podcast (his membership site) this is a good idea.

If you are into photography (and maybe if you’re just looking to grow your business) you can gleam alot of information out of this podcast.

Find his podcast at and in iTunes and Stitcher.

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